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Stainless Metal Tube

Stainless Metal Tube
  • Stainless Metal Tube
  • Stainless Metal Tube
Stainless Metal TubeStainless Metal Tube
Stainless Metal Tube
Product Description

Advantages of this product are: small-caliber, light, high tensile strength, bending resistance, bite prevention, strong side pressure resistance, smooth, easy to install and position, excellent insulating properties. Flame-retardant material covering is available to achieve the functions of water-proof and fire-proof. 12 colors of general international standards for easily identification.

Stainless Metal Tube

Stainless Metal Tube

Application: Extensively applied in various of pigtail sheathed cable, armored cable; all kinds of thread protection tube; electrical protection tube for various of optical measuring instruments, medical instruments, machinery and equipment; network line protection tube of computers, robots, etc.; light guide tube for cold light lighting equipment etc.

Stainless Metal Tube

Geometrical Characteristics

Type.D.(mm)O.D.(mm)O.D. + Braiding(mm)O.D. + Braiding + Sheath (mm)
EA-010025SΦ 1.0Φ 1.5Φ 1.9Φ 2.5
EA-011030SΦ 1.1Φ 1.6Φ 2.0Φ 3.0
EA-015033SΦ 1.5Φ 2.1Φ 2.6Φ 3.3
EA-022050SΦ 2.2Φ 2.8Φ 3.4Φ 5.0
EA-030060SΦ 3.0Φ 3.8Φ 4.5Φ 6.0
EA-040070SΦ 4.0Φ 4.8Φ 5.5Φ 7.0
EA-044075SΦ 4.6Φ 5.5Φ 6.2Φ 7.5
EA-050080SΦ 5.0Φ 5.8Φ 6.5Φ 8.0
EA-060090SΦ 6.0Φ 6.8Φ 7.5Φ 9.0
EA-070100SΦ 7.0Φ 7.8Φ 8.5Φ 10.0
EA-080110SΦ 8.0Φ 8.8Φ 9.5Φ 11.0

Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile strength(N)Long Term100
Short Term200
Crush Resistance(N/100mm)Long Term3000
Short Term5000
Bending Radius(MM)Dynamic20*D (D:Cable Diameter)
Static10*D (D:Cable Diameter)

Other specifications are for the option of customers. OEM orders are available

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