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Why Choose Armored Optical Fiber Cable?

Oct. 28, 2021

What is the Amored Optical Fiber Cable?

Amored Optical Fiber Cable has an important application in the transmission of telecommunication optical fiber long distance line and one or two level trunk line.

General armored cable with a layer of metal clad in skins, the inside core protected against strong tensile, anti moth eaten rat bite.

If it is an outdoor aerial cable, in order to avoid bad environment, human or animal damage, play the role of protecting the core, usually use the armoured cable.

Simplex Armored Optical Fiber Cable


Classification Of Armored Optical Fiber Cable

Indoor armored optical fiber cable:

There are single and double armored optical fiber cables (indoor).


Tightly wrapped fiber + aramid (with tensile effect) + stainless steel hose (compressive, anti-bending, anti-bite) + stainless steel braided wire (anti-torsion) + outer sheath (usually PVC, According to different functions, there are flame retardant PVC, LSZH, Teflon, silicone tube, etc.).


Advantages: high tensile strength, high compression resistance, rat bite resistance; resistance to improper torsion bending damage; simple construction, saving maintenance costs; adapt to various harsh environments and man-made damage.


Disadvantages: The weight is heavier than ordinary cable. The price is higher than ordinary fiber optic cable.


Outdoor armored optical fiber cable:

There are scorns and heavy points (outdoor cable). The shackles have steel strips and aluminum strips that act to strengthen and prevent rodent bites. The heavy glutinous rice is a circle of steel wire, which is generally used in riverbeds and seabeds.


Generally, the armored optical cable is more expensive than the non-twisted optical cable. Generally, the steel strip and the aluminum strip are much cheaper than the aramid (the aramid is mainly used for special occasions).

Armored Optical Fiber Cable 




* Excellent attenuation performance

* Anti-dry water barrier for moisture protection

* Polyethylene sheath for weather and UV protection

* Breakout kits available

* Corrugated steel tape

* Rodent-proof

* Waterproof gel available




Armored optical fiber cable is used in direct burial outdoor plant applications where rugged cable and/or rodent resistance is required. Armored optical fiber cables are well able to withstand crushing loads, such as in rocky soils, which is often necessary for direct burial applications. Cables installed by direct burial in areas where rodents are a problem usually have metal armoring between the two sheaths to prevent rodent intrusion.


Another application for armored optical fiber cables is in data centers where the cable is installed under the floor and there is concern about crushing the cable.

Indoor armored optical fiber cables may have non-metallic armor. Metal-clad optical fiber cables are electrically conductive and therefore must be properly grounded.


Single or double armored (two opposite layers of wire) is commonly used near shore and in shallow submerged areas. Aluminum and/or copper inner metal sheath members are used for strength and to position buried cables using audio devices.