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Where is the Liquid-tight Flexible Metal Conduit Used?

Sep. 08, 2021

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Liquid-tight flexible metal conduits are used to cover cables that require flexibility and moisture protection. The catheter has a waterproof sheath, which means it can be used for various waterproof applications. In addition, another benefit of flexible metal conduits is their bending ability. Compared with rigid conduits, flexible metal conduits are easy to bend, making them a suitable choice for applications where rigid conduits are difficult to install.


Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit 

Humid Environment

Liquid-tight conduits and fittings are specifically designed to prevent wires and cables from contacting liquid or moisture. Humid, damp, or humid environments that require wiring are ideal areas for using liquid-tight conduits.

The main examples include car washes, water management facilities, and food and beverage processing plants where equipment must be flushed regularly. Liquid-tight conduits not only ensure the safety of the public and employees, but also extend the service life of the cable and prevent electrical failures when used correctly.


Dusty Environment

Dirt, dust, and other tiny particles can cause short circuits and malfunction of equipment. Liquid-tight flexible metal conduits are used in agricultural operations, textile mills, wood/pulp/paper mills, etc., to prevent dust and particles from penetrating.


Corrosive Environment

Liquid-tight conduits are also the best choice for frequent exposure to corrosive environments. This type of conduit can not only prevent moisture, but also effectively seal harmful substances that can damage wires and cables. This is very beneficial for many chemical facilities and other applications where corrosive substances are easily generated.


Various External Applications

Any electrical device exposed to the outside world may cause potential problems. UV rays and other outdoor factors can cause breakage and other types of damage. The use of liquid-tight flexible metal conduits can protect cables and wires from sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity and other outdoor factors, thereby prolonging their service life and preventing damage.


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