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What are the Two States of Flexible Metal Conduit When Working Under Elastic Elements?

May. 18, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Exporter, share with you. One is that the stainless steel metal hose works under a certain load and displacement, and keeps the load and displacement constant or rarely changes, which is called static work;

Another use case is that the load and displacement of the stainless steel metal hose change continuously and alternately. The component is in a cyclic working state. Due to different working conditions, the mode of component damage or failure is also different. The elastic sensitive element of the instrument works in the elastic range, basically in a static working state, and has a long service life. The high-pressure hose generally reaches tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times. The bellows components used in engineering sometimes work in the elastoplastic range or alternating stress state, and the service life is only hundreds of dry times. The components must be given the allowable working life when cyclically working, and stipulate the number of cycles, time and frequency of large-diameter pipes. The rated life of the elastic element is the expected service life determined during the design of the element. It is required that the element does not allow fatigue, damage or failure during this period.

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

Although the Flexible Metal Conduit can be compressed or stretched, if it is not installed in the correct position, it will quickly break and reduce the service life.

Generally, the metal hose can be divided into three lengths: the first is the compression length, that is, the length when the hose is compressed to the limit position; the second is the installation length, which is in the middle position of half the maximum displacement The length of the hose; the third type is the stretched length, the length when the hose is stretched to the maximum limit.

When installing the hose, the hose should be in the middle position, the so-called installation length. In the installed state at this position, the hose can have two directions of movement when subjected to an axial load. Otherwise, if it can only move in one direction, it will affect the strength of the metal hose and reduce the service life.

In the actual installation process, considering that the length of the hose is measured according to the calculation result with a ruler and then the installation may affect the production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers directly install the ruler on the hose, and cut the ruler after installation.

The hose can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The most ideal state is vertical installation. At the same time, it should be avoided to be installed near the wheels. If necessary, baffles can be added.

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