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What Must Be Paid Attention to When Applying Flexible Metal Conduits?

Mar. 09, 2021

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Braiding Supplier, share it with you. What must be paid attention to when applying flexible metal conduits. In our ideal life, we often observe colorful flexible metal conduits. People who don’t understand industrial consumption are not very clear about such products. . So what are the characteristics of flexible metal conduits? Understand its fundamental characteristics, then you will find that, in fact, this is a necessary product that is very commonly used.

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible metal conduits are all used in some automation technology manufacturing industries, such as the more common ones in people's construction engineering manufacturing industry, or the communication industry. The key to everyone is to use flexible metal tubes to hold some cables, or to lay down the fiber optic cables.

Special attention is that, while controlling this application characteristic, people can learn and train how to maintain and preserve flexible metal conduits. First of all, flexible metal conduits have a very strong anti-corrosion ability, so flexible metal conduits are used in the industrial field.

Although the flexible metal conduit has no ability to resist corrosion, frequent transfer will still consume a lot of energy.

What environmental factors should be paid attention to for flexible metal conduits:

1. Corrosion

The flexible metal conduit is generally made of stainless steel. The active anions (such as chloride and sulfide ions) in the medium can easily damage the passive film of stainless steel, and small corrosion holes appear on the base metal, which are the active centers generated by pitting corrosion. The metal surface potential inside the etch hole is relatively negative, and the metal surface potential outside the etch hole is relatively positive, so the inside and outside of the hole constitute an active-passive micro-galvanic corrosion battery. The battery has a large cathode and small anode area ratio structure. The current density is very large, and the corrosion hole deepens quickly.


For flexible metal conduits used at high temperatures, the rated working pressure must be reduced according to the temperature correction factor of the flexible metal conduit's working pressure at high temperatures to ensure safe use.

3.Fatigue failure

Under the dynamic working condition, the flexible metal conduit is often subjected to fatigue crack damage under the action of cyclic load. Such damage is a normal failure. In order to prolong the service life, it is necessary to ensure that the hose is designed and selected correctly, the installation is accurate, and the hose does not produce additional stress such as twisting.

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