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What is a Qualified Flexible Electrical Conduit?

Dec. 18, 2020

Flexible pipe is a new type of wire and cable and protective sleeve produced by introducing foreign technology and equipment. It is an updated product that replaces snakeskin, pipe galvanized pipe, and hard plastic pipe. It has been widely adopted abroad. As an Electrical Flexible Conduit Factory, share it with you.

Electrical Flexible Conduit China

Electrical Flexible Conduit China

Qualified flexible metal pipes should have the following:

1. The inside and outside of the pipe wall are smooth and flat, without burrs and cracks. No peeling off and no corrosion on the plating surface.

2. The thread itself must maintain a clearance of about 1mm and be uniform (a reasonable clearance can ensure good flexibility of the pipe)

3. Qualified flexible pipes have quite strong hardness and certain extrusion resistance.

The superiority of the stainless steel bellows market is concentrated

In terms of scale: nominal diameter of stainless steel bellows, joint type and size, hose length.

In terms of pressure: stainless steel bellows practice mission pressure, the nominal pressure PN/mission pressure P is selected.

Medium requirements: The chemical characteristics of the medium carried in the stainless steel bellows, according to the corrosion resistance function table, choose the material of each part of the hose. Stainless steel bellows quotation

Temperature control: the mission temperature and limitation of the medium in the stainless steel bellows; the condition temperature during soft supervision. When the temperature is high, the coefficient must be corrected according to the temperature to determine the maximum allowable pressure at the mission temperature to determine the selection of the precise pressure.

Shape formation: According to the shape of the stainless steel bellows when used, refer to the precise equipment method of the hose. The length calculation of various movable shapes of stainless steel bellows and the minimum bending radius of the hose are the parameters, the length of the hose is accurately drawn, and the equipment is accurate.

Flexible metal pipe: The pipe is light in weight, only one-third of the weight of steel pipe, so it is listed as an energy-saving and material-saving environmental protection project by the Ministry of Energy of the Planning Commission of China. Excellent corrosion resistance, due to the use of hot-dip galvanized steel strip technology, its corrosion-resistant steel pipe and metal hose are incomparable. The shielding performance is good, and the test results show that it is the same as the steel pipe. The length is not limited, and it can be cut arbitrarily according to engineering needs, which reduces the consumption of fractions.

The pipe has threads on its surface and various accessories. It does not require machinery for bending. It is very convenient to use special cutters for on-site construction. It can save 40-90 man-hours in construction and decoration applications. In the shipbuilding industry, work efficiency can be improved six times.

The pipe has good strength and good insulation, and can be pre-buried in reinforced concrete mesh: It can be shaped according to needs to make up for the weaknesses of steel pipe, metal hose and PVC pipe in certain occasions.

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