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What is the Way to Extend the Service Life of Metal Conduits?

Jun. 08, 2021

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Factory, share with you.

There are many types of conduit products, and their performance is high-quality. The use of metal conduits is currently the most popular in the consumer market. It is a high-quality and inexpensive product. According to the sellers, metal conduits can be compressed and can be compressed. It can be stretched, but if it is not installed in the correct position, it will break quickly and reduce the service life. How can we better extend the service life of the conduit? Installation is the key!

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit

When installing the metal conduit, the conduit should be in the middle position, which is the so-called installation length. When installed in this position, the conduit can move in two directions when subjected to axial load. Otherwise, if it can only move in one direction, it will affect the strength of the metal conduit and reduce its service life.

In the actual installation process, considering that using a ruler to measure the length of the metal conduit according to the calculation result and then installing it may affect production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers install the ruler directly on the conduit and cut the ruler after installation.

1. Transport water, steam, oil and other media under high temperature environment.

2. Pipelines that need to absorb vibration or eliminate noise.

3. Transport corrosive chemical media or organic solvents.

4. Transport high temperature medium such as high temperature gas and hot oil.

5. Conveying low temperature or ultra-low temperature medium.

In fact, there are many ways to extend the service life of the conduit, such as some small installation details, correct usage methods, etc. Pay attention to some small methods during use to easily extend the service life of the conduit. Our company also has Flexible Metal Conduit on sale, welcome to contact us.