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Introduction of Steel Properties of Various Stainless Steel Metal Hoses

Jul. 23, 2019

Stainless steel metal hose, as the name suggests, is mainly made of steel. For example, the outer steel mesh sleeve, the two-stage joint, and the inner bellows are sometimes made of stainless steel. Therefore, the quality of the selected steel directly affects the performance of the stainless steel metal hose. The excellent, metal hoses have a lot of stainless steel steel grades, each with its own characteristics, the following Conduit Fittings Manufacturers to introduce to you:

201 steel:

The steel of the 201 steel has a high density, and the produced product has no bubbles and no pinholes. And resistant to acid and alkali. Suitable for decorative tubes and some products that require stretching.

310 steel:

The name of the 301 steel belongs to the austenitic chrome-nickel stainless steel category. It has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance because of its high content of chromium and nickel. The upgraded 310s steel has good creep strength and can work continuously at high temperatures.

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit

304 steel:

304 steel is one of the most commonly used materials for making stainless steel metal hoses. It has higher hardness than 200 steel and high temperature resistance. Another major feature is the excellent oxidation resistance of acid, which still has good corrosion resistance in high-concentration nitric acid, which is why users are popular with 304 stainless steel metal hoses.

316 steel:

18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo is excellent in corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength due to the addition of Mo. It can be used under harsh conditions; it has excellent work hardening property (non-magnetic).

316L steel:

Also known as titanium steel, 316L steel. Titanium steel added Mo (2 ~ 3%), excellent pitting resistance, high temperature creep strength.

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