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About Using Flexible Metal Conduits

Aug. 14, 2018

Electric conduit protects and routes electrical wiring. It may be made of many materials, including metal, plastic, fiber, or fired clay. There is flexible, as in this scenario, and rigid conduit accessible. The type of conduit used depends upon wiring regulations by national and local codes.

When to utilize Flexible Metal Conduits versus a rigid conduit can be determined by assessing your wiring situation and determine what type of conduit will do the job best. It is largely utilized in places where a rigid conduit would be difficult to set up as the elastic conduit will bend to match.

Although Metallic Flexible Conduit is easier to use than rigid conduit, it offers less protection for those conductors it carries. Bending a stiff conduit may be an arduous undertaking so it's often preferable to decide on the elastic selection. Being a metal conduit, it's an advantage over PVC conduit (which can not bend) as it may also serve as the grounding path although some regional codes may require that you also operate a green grounding cable.

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