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When to Use Flexible Metal Conduit?

Jan. 12, 2021

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Braiding Supplier, share with you.

Wire tubes are commonly used to protect and wire wires and cables. It is made of many kinds of materials, they are different according to the use, such as steel, metal, plastic, fiber and so on. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of metal wire pipes, flexible metal pipes and rigid pipes. But they are often used in completely different places.

When to use flexible metal conduits as opposed to rigid conduits. You can make your choice by analyzing your wiring and cable routes and seeing which conduit works better.

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible Metal Conduits

Rigid tubes are notoriously harder to bend, and it seems that flexible metal tubes are easier to use than rigid ones. However, flexible metal tubes are thinner and less strong than rigid tubes. Therefore, rigid conduits can be used at right or 90 degree angles. Flexible metal conduits are useful in more complex and flexible wiring applications. In most places, where rigidity is not available, we always use flexible metal conduit wiring.

When using flexible metal conduit, please pay attention to some details:

1. Although flexible metal tubes are flexible and easy to bend, we should pay more attention to the ends. There are metal plates that can be used to cut your body.

2. After the wires have been passed through them, they must be fixed because they are flexible. Before we can finish, we have to check that it's stable.

3. Flexible Metal Conduits are not waterproof, so they can be used in dry areas. If you want to use them in wet areas. Please cover with some waterproof material or metal.