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How to Use Flexible Electrical Conduits in Electrification?

Apr. 30, 2021

As an Electrical Flexible Conduit Factory, share it with everyone. The flexible conduit system is designed to provide exactly the same cable protection solution as the rigid conduit system-protecting cables, conductors and wiring in industrial, commercial and industrial fields and even residential applications. The main difference between rigid systems and flexible systems is the way they are applied in various applications and installations. 

Flexible Electrical Conduits

Flexible Electrical Conduits

What is a flexible conduit? 

The term "flexible" is related to liquid-tight flexible metal conduits. These standards are used to evaluate product performance characteristics, such as impact, pressure resistance, entry rating, temperature, strength, bending, flexibility, flammability, etc. 

The liquid-tight flexible metal conduit consists of a spiral core usually composed of galvanized steel. Other catheter core types include brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, each with specific characteristics tailored to specific application requirements. While the spiral wound core provides flexibility, it also provides mechanical protection for the conductors and cables it provides. In static or dynamic applications, the core design, material, and transaction size all affect the flexibility of the catheter. The sheath material is usually composed of PVC, but may include thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane or PA nylon. 

Flexible conduit systems are generally used for installations that require flexible connections, and the installation may be subject to shock and vibration. Product selection should consider the following factors:

Specific application and industry requirements

System rated temperature

System entrance level indoor or outdoor installation


Reliability of performance over time. 

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