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The Functional Principle Of Gooseneck Tube

Jul. 10, 2018

Today we will introduce the commonly used resin or plastic according to the structure, physics, mechanical properties and application range of Gooseneck Tube, in order to provide the product designer with materials, affirmation and decoration.

Polypropylene (PP) was industrially produced in 1957 and is a polyolefin resin that is currently being developed rapidly. Since polypropylene is a crystalline polymer, it has a light density, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, low shrinkage, low cost, easy processing, and appearance lubrication of molded articles. Therefore, polypropylene resin is widely used. It is suitable for the manufacture of large-scale products and small-sized products. It plays an important role in polymer synthesis. However, when processing high-precision products, it is necessary to pay attention to technical design and processing techniques. Polypropylene Gooseneck Tube has high molecular weight and melt index. Small, high physical and mechanical properties, but poor formability.

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