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What is the strength and stress test of Flexible Metal Conduit?

Jan. 19, 2020

In our real life, we often see a variety of Flexible Metal Conduit. People who do not understand industrial production don't really know such a product, so what kind of properties does this product possess? A Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof Manufacturers, share with you. Then you will find that this is actually a very widely used product.

Features of metal hose:

First of all, metal hoses have very strong anti-corrosion capabilities, so metal hoses are used in many industrial fields. It has to be said that many times, people need to place various materials in the environment of some supermarkets, but there is no corrosion resistance The useful life of materials is relatively short. Frequent replacement will consume a lot of time and energy, but the high corrosion resistance of metal hoses has been affirmed by many people, and the products produced have a longer service life.

Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof

Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof

In addition, metal hoses also have very strong protection capabilities. For wires, even if a strong current passes through, they will not be burnt. After attaching a layer of insulator to the outside, the safety is relatively high. Therefore, we Naturally, there is no need to worry about the potential safety hazards, so many people will find that many wire protection tubes in their homes use it as the basic raw material. It is precisely because they have many different properties that they have a wide range of applications.

Test of strength and pressure of metal hose

For our life, metal hoses are often installed in some of our bathrooms and kitchens. Only in this way can we live a better life without major problems.

1. How much pressure can the metal hose withstand?

The bellows made of this material are often used in our lives, but its characteristics are not visible to our daily lives. In fact, in some important projects, this bellows can play a role Very important role, it has very strong load-bearing capacity, which mainly depends on its own ripple, so that it can withstand more than ten times its own pressure, and has good compression performance.

2. Metal hose strength test

In fact, for the stainless steel material of the bellows itself, the strength of this material itself is very good. And because it is corrugated, it has good pressure resistance, so that it has a great degree of strength, and you don't need to worry about too many problems when you use it. Of course, regular maintenance is also necessary.

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