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Do you Make the Selection Skills of the Metal Conduit?

Aug. 14, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit EMI Proof Factory, share with you. If you want to buy a good metal conduit, you must consider the comprehensive factors of the metal conduit, the medium characteristics of the metal conduit, and the operating conditions must also consider the natural conditions of the installation site and the metal conduit. Factors such as the size of the pipe diameter and the maximum displacement.

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit

The flexible body of the metal conduit is divided into an annular bellows flexible body and a spiral bellows flexible body. In order to compensate for displacement, installation deviation and foundation settlement, absorb vibration and reduce noise, ring-shaped corrugated metal conduits should be used; for occasions where the pressure is high but displacement and vibration are not frequent, spiral corrugated metal conduits should be used.

The nominal pressure of the metal conduit refers to the maximum working pressure that can be used at room temperature. The nominal pressure of the metal conduit should not be lower than the design pressure of the main pipeline. For metal conduits with a temperature of ≥100℃, the working pressure must be included in the temperature correction factor. Among them, the rated working pressure of the metal conduit for loading and unloading of liquefied gas tankers is not less than 4 times the maximum working pressure of the loading and unloading system.

The length of the metal conduit shall be determined after calculation according to relevant regulations according to different uses. When selecting metal conduits, confirm whether the manufacturer’s qualifications, product quality certificates and product instructions are complete.

Points to note in the installation of stainless steel metal conduits:

1. The installation of the stainless steel metal conduit sealing system should be strictly carried out in accordance with the safety operation regulations, so as to avoid the stainless steel metal conduit from being pulled off or broken due to improper operation.

2. When welding the stainless steel metal conduit, always pay attention to the splashed material, so as to avoid scalding the stainless steel metal conduit and damage the equipment, which may lead to the leakage of the stainless steel metal conduit.

3. After the equipment and piping system to be used are subjected to a hydraulic test, the deposited chloride ion-containing sand should be cleaned up in time and the impact of the rust block should be prevented to avoid unnecessary corrosion and mechanical damage.

As an important connecting component in engineering technology, metal conduits are widely used in various fields such as aerospace, petrochemical, mining electronics, machinery and shipbuilding, medical and health, textile electronics, energy construction and so on. These industries have strict requirements for the performance testing of the quality of the metal conduits used, especially the pressure testing and air tightness testing.

The pressure test of metal conduit is a safety performance index test. The pressure test is mainly to detect the occurrence of abnormal failure modes such as leakage and parts damage of the conduit, because the qualified products require no signs of leakage or parts damage and other abnormal failure modes.

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