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Precautions Of Gooseneck Tube

Jul. 26, 2018

Gooseneck Tube can bend and align metal parts in any direction. Often used in lighting table lamps, medical and other aspects. The gooseneck consists of two parts: the fixing and supporting system and the guiding system. So what issues should you pay attention to when using gooseneck tube?

(1) The gooseneck is a type of metal hose. The end face of the pipe should be flush, the produced pipe should be ground and smoothed on the grinding wheel other tools after sawing,the burr should be removed, cleaned and washed with high-pressure air before use.

(2) When pre-assembling the pipe joint, the coaxiality of the pipe and the joint body should be kept as much as possible. If the pipe is too skewed, the seal will be invalid. The pre-installation force should not be too large, so that the inner edge of the ferrule is just embedded in the outer wall of the pipe. The sleeve should not be significantly deformed.

(3) Prevention of leakage at the pipe joint In the hydraulic system, there is a problem that leakage is likely to occur regardless of the metal pipe joint or the hose joint. For the ferrule type pipe joint, most of the pipe is subjected to a large external force or impact force, causing the ferrule to loosen or the pipe end face to be deformed to cause leakage. At this time, it should be checked whether the ferrule is out of round, the cutting edge is defective, the pipe end is the integrity and the compression of the ferrule nut, etc. While eliminating the external force of the pipe.

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Gooseneck Tube