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What should I Pay Attention to When Installing Flexible Metal Conduit?

Jul. 04, 2019

We all know that the scope of application of Flexible Metal Conduit has become more and more extensive, as long as we pay attention to it, you will find his shadow everywhere. However, many people often overlook some serious problems when installing this product. As a Kitchen Accessories Supplier, let's analyze this issue together.

First of all, when installing Flexible Metal Conduit, we must follow the instructions on the manual. Different products are used in different environments, and there are certain gaps in the specific installation methods. However, all of this product can not be distorted and installed, which will inevitably cause certain security risks, so we should pay attention to this problem for our future life.

Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit

Secondly, when doing the installation operation, we try to put the software in the middle position, which is what we call the installation length. Under such circumstances, we must ensure that the installed Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit can rotate in two directions that can't be easily understood. If you find that your hose can't do this, then we should check the reason. . Otherwise, the strength of the product after installation will be affected, and the service life will be limited. This is also the place we need to pay attention to during the installation process.