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What is the Difference Between Metal Network Management and Flexible Metal Conduit?

Mar. 09, 2020

As Flexible Metal Conduit Braiding Supplier, share with you. In the field of pipe fittings, metal network management and Flexible Metal Conduit are easy to obscure the concept, especially when laymen choose such products, it is easy to confuse the two products. What is the difference between them before?

Flexible metal conduit

Flexible metal conduit includes threaded metal conduit and corrugated metal conduit, which are mainly used to protect transmission signal lines, wires and cables, and fiber optic cables. In civilian use, it is mainly used for bathing hoses, kitchen sink hoses, and industrially used in factory workshops to protect cables and wires from external damage. Flexible metal conduit generally has the characteristics of waterproof, insulation, fire resistance, tensile resistance, etc., and good bending stretch. These hoses used in various fields have stricter requirements on quality. For example, in petrochemical, steam and gas industries, which are closely related to daily life, they are essential accessories. In terms of size, the flexible metal conduit has a diameter, and the length of the hose also affects it. In terms of pressure, we all learned a pressure unit P when we went to junior high school. The working pressure is also expressed by P here. In addition, the medium is mainly determined according to the corrosion resistance table, and the material of each part is also determined by this. The material of each part directly determines the quality of the hose, because the connection part of the flexible metal conduit is often determined by some relatively small parts. Its chemical properties directly affect the quality of the connection. The last thing is status. The so-called state refers to the state when the metal pipe is used. The length of the various movement states of the metal pipe shall be referred to, and the radius of the minimum bend shall be calculated. With the help of these data, choose the length of the Flexible metal conduit, and then install it correctly, which directly affects its quality.

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit

Metal mesh tube generally refers to metal braided tube. It is composed of multiple layers of inner tubes. Each layer has a different structure. Generally, the inner layer is a rubber tube with an insulating layer in the middle. Sprinkling pipe fittings.

Metal Network Management

Compared with the Flexible metal conduit, the metal network pipe has more toughness, strength and tensile resistance, and there are more households. The flexible metal conduit is used as the infrastructure laying project and is used by enterprises. The flexible metal conduit has better sealing but is easy to break. The tightness of the metal mesh tube is low and it is easy to leak.

Therefore, according to the actual situation, you can choose a flexible metal conduit with better tightness or a metal mesh with better toughness. Our company also has Electrical Flexible Conduit for sale.