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Metal Conduit Selection In Buildings

May. 09, 2018

The electrical metal tube is a lightweight, used to enclose wire conduits within the structure. Although there are other pipeline materials, this type is one of the more common choices made by contractors because it is more cost-effective than similar materials. Steel and aluminum are the two main choices for pipes, and in many cases it also requires zinc plating in order to keep corrosion resistant.

Electrical metal tubes also have their shortcomings and it is not recommended for every possible application. For example, a contractor may prefer rather than use a rigid metal conduit or galvanized metal conduit to provide superior protection. Used for construction requiring multiple bends and curves may be better suited with soft metal tubes or Flexible Metal Conduit as they can operate at almost any angle but still remain stable. It is mainly used in commercial office buildings.

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Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard - PES23X Series