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What are the Advantages of Flexible Metal Conduit compared to Rubber Hoses?

May. 11, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Factory, share with you. In the past, the gas used in our homes was generally delivered through rubber hoses. Of course, after research by the gas company, this way of delivering gas is not the best, it has some shortcomings. Therefore, the gas company began to study whether there is a hose that can replace the rubber hose to transport gas, and can avoid some of its shortcomings. At this time, the stainless steel bellows came to mind, so what advantages does the metal hose have over the rubber hose?

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit

The biggest disadvantage is that the rubber hose is easy to age, which will cause the hose to fall off. This will cause a gas accident. After investigation, many gas accidents are caused by the hose falling off. The interface is easy to fall off.

In order to transport the gas safely to all households, the gas company began to choose a new material to transport the gas. This is the metal hose. Compared with the rubber hose, first of all, its interface will not fall off He is not easy to age and has strong corrosion resistance, which solves the shortage of rubber hoses. When you are doing things, you must find your own channel, and the same is true for the innovation of metal hoses. What are we going to do in the process of product innovation? Targeting the overall The above situation is good, you know how you want to do the overall innovation work, which is the best for the future.

When innovating metal hoses, we must innovate from the product competitiveness and technology. This aspect is fundamental. When you own the technology that is not available in other places, you will find that your strength will really lag behind, really want to achieve development and better progress in the future, so that it will be better for your true Innovation is without any guarantee.

Therefore, the metal hose has become a new equipment for conveying gas. His service life is very long, and gas accidents have been effectively avoided. I believe it will provide greater convenience to people's lives and will be recognized by more and more people.

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