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Manufacturing Method Of Metal Conduit

May. 07, 2018

The Flexible Metal Conduit provided by our company is welcomed by the friends of our customers. The production method of the metal hose is more curious to the friends of our customers. We will briefly introduce some methods for you.

Electroforming method: A uniform and high-precision bellows can be obtained.

Welding method: excellent bellows with excellent elasticity can be obtained.

Mechanical spinning method: A bellows with a large nominal diameter can be obtained.

Machine cutting method: can get the elastic support bellows.

Hydraulic method: can get a better comprehensive bellows.

Simply grasp the above aspects of the production method of metal hose, hoping to provide you with more convenient purchase of Electrical Flexible Conduit, ATEX Flexible Metal Conduit and other products, you are welcome to visit our company for detailed consultation to understand it.

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