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What is Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit?

Oct. 20, 2022

 Liquid tight flexible metal conduit is a metal spiral sleeve that is typically used as a protective sleeve for electrical wiring. We are designated as a circular cross-section conduit with a liquid-tight, non-metallic, sunlight-resistant sheath on the outside and an adaptable steel sheath on the inside, with connectors for connections, adapters, and fittings for installing wires.

Liquid Light Flexible Metal

What is liquid tight conduit used for?

Liquid tight conduit and accessories are specifically designed to keep wires and cables free from liquids or moisture. Wet environments that require wiring are ideal areas to use liquid-tight conduit. Key examples include car washes, water management facilities, and food and beverage processing plants where equipment must be flushed regularly. Liquid-tight conduit not only ensures the safety of the public and employees, but when used correctly, it also extends the life of the cable and prevents electrical failure.


Advantages of Liquid Limited Flexible Steel Conduit

1. Strong rust-proof ability.

2. Light weight and good fixing performance.

3. Unrestricted size, can be cut at will according to the needs of the task, therefore reducing the consumption of zero.

4. Flexible, liquid-tight conduit is not only flexible in design, but also flexible in use. Protecting wires from liquids, corrosive elements, dust and physical damage are all advantages offered by liquid-tight conduits.


Application Scenarios

1. Any electrical installation that is exposed to the outside world can cause potential problems. UV rays and other outdoor elements can cause breakage and other types of damage. Using liquid tight flexible metal conduit can protect cables and wires from sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture and other outdoor elements, extending their life and preventing damage.

2. Liquid-tight conduit provides protection against most liquids for low heat applications, dry heat temperatures (up to 80°C) and wet heat temperatures (up to 60°C).

3. For agricultural operations, textile mills, wood/pulp/paper mills, etc., sealed liquid-tight conduits prevent infiltration of dust and particulate matter.

4.Liquid-tight conduits are also an excellent choice for environments where exposure to corrosive elements is a regular occurrence. This type of conduit not only keeps out moisture, but also effectively seals out hazardous materials that can deteriorate wires and cables. This is very beneficial for applications in HVAC equipment, chemical facilities and other areas susceptible to corrosive materials.

5. Liquid-tight conduit has good resistance as well as good insulation and can be buried in a reinforced concrete network.

6. Liquid-tight conduit is ideal for challenging setups in tight areas, allowing for tight bends and quick adjustments to maximize your space savings.


We offer a wide range of liquid tight flexible metal tubes:

Tested and Certified to U.S. and Canada Standards

Certified CSA

Conforms to CSA 22.2 No. 56 for use per the Canadian

electrical code C22.1 section 12-1300.

UL Listed

Listed. (sizes 1/2 in. through 4in.)

Conforms to UL standard ANSI/UL-1 for flexible metal conduit



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