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How much do you know about Electrical Flexible Conduit?

Dec. 07, 2019

Flexible Metal Conduit is a flexible metal conduit used for line protection. Flexible metal conduit refers to a flexible metal conduit, which is usually used as a conduit or soft connection in the hydropower installation industry. The so-called flexibility means that it has large elastic deformability and can be bent and deformed freely. The material of the flexible metal conduit is: the outer layer is made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip, and the inner wall is an insulating resin layer. Features of Flexible metal conduit:

1.The exterior of Flexible metal conduit is wound by metal tape, so it has excellent flexibility.

2. The flexible metal conduit's external metal strip has corrosion resistance, tensile resistance and abrasion resistance.

3. The inner wall of the flexible resin conduit insulation resin layer can withstand high temperatures.

Advantages of Flexible metal conduit:

① Good flexibility and convenient construction;

② Suitable for construction connection in complex situations;

③ It can be deformed freely, and it has certain rigidity and firmness and is not easy to be damaged;

④Combined with other waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials and fireproof materials, it can play the function of material use.

Electrical Flexible Conduit

Electrical Flexible Conduit

Electrical Flexible Conduit is a new material for wire and cable protective sleeves, which is a flexible metal hose.

It can be used in various places for bright, dark lay and cast-in-place concrete inner lay. Due to its light weight, good strength and insulation, it can be bent freely (no tools required), and equipped with various accessories, it is very convenient to construct and can greatly improve work efficiency, so it has been widely used in electrical installation projects.

Convenient construction and superior performance. The tube is light in weight and easy to carry. It does not require bending and cutting without machinery. It can bend freely and easily. It is easy to connect (no need to buckle) and is equipped with various accessories. Because the steel strip uses a special hot-dip galvanizing process, its moisture resistance and corrosion resistance are superior. Have better strength and good insulation. It has a wide range of uses and can replace general galvanized steel pipes. There are basic type, anti-corrosion type, explosion-proof type, heat-resistant type, etc., and corresponding pipes and accessories can be selected according to different occasions.

Flexible electrical conduit application technology

The appearance of the electrical flexible conduit should be carefully checked before laying the pipeline. The requirements are that the coating of the sleeve must not fall off, rust, or spots; the PVC layer of the plastic flexible conduit must be free of bubbles and damage. There is no protrusion and damage on the inside and the surface of the casing, and the cut surface is smooth without burrs.

Electrical flexible conduit surface, coated with a layer of good flexibility, PVC. In addition to the characteristics of KZ-1, this product also has excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and is suitable for buried and directly buried underground pipes in wet places.

Indoor and outdoor wet places; places with water vapor, places with acid or alkali corrosion; walls; concrete floors; floor cushions; cast-in-situ reinforced concrete floors; buried underground; electrical equipment installation; low-voltage electrical piping projects .

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