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What Is The Insulating Conduit And Flexible Conduit In The Building Electrical?

May. 30, 2018

Insulated conduits are rigid insulated conduits, also known as rigid PVC tubes.

Insulated ducts are widely used as electrical conduits in electrical installations for civil buildings. Due to the decrease of mechanical strength of the insulation duct at high temperatures, rapid aging, and large variation in the Xu, variable temperature above 40°C should not be laid; insulation ducts are also subject to mechanical damage, such as mechanical impact, collision, and friction. Should not be used.

Flexible ducts are made of rubber and woven fabrics.

Flexible conduit laying should meet the following requirements:

1. The rigid conduit is connected to the electrical equipment and appliance via a flexible conduit. The length of the flexible conduit is not greater than 0. 8m in the power engineering and not greater than 1. 2m in the lighting project.

2. The connection between Flexible metal conduit or other flexible conduits and rigid conduits or electrical equipments and appliances adopts special joints; the joints of composite flexible metal pipes or other flexible conduits are sealed well and the liquid-proof covering layer is intact;

3. Flexible metal conduits and flexible conduits cannot be used as ground (PE) or zero (PEN) connection conductors.

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