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How To Install Flexible Metal Conduit?

Jan. 11, 2019

Metal Conduit helps protect wires and keep you safe—here's how to install it. Conduit provides exceptional protection and security for cables. Even if local codes allow NM or Armored Optical Fiber Cable at a cellar, attic, garage, or crawlspace, look at installing conduit to shield wiring.

Flexible Metal Conduit may function as the route for grounding, or local codes may ask that you conduct a green-insulated floor cable. Should you use PVC pipe, then you need a ground cable, either green-insulated or bare aluminum. When there's absolutely no ground cable, be certain all the metallic conduit connections are business; a loose combined can break the ground route.

Save time by buying prebent fittings for your Flexible Conduit. A coupling joins two pieces of conduit end to end. A sweep makes a slow turn, allowing wires to slide easily, while a pulling elbow makes a sharper turn. Setscrew fittings are commonly used with EMT conduit; they provide joints that are firm but not waterproof. For weather tight joints, use IMC conduit and compression fittings.

Flexible Metal Conduit