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Lesser Known Industry Use Of Stainless Metal Tube

Jul. 19, 2018

Stainless Metal Tube is an important part of the modern industry. Stainless metal tube material is used as wire and cable protection tube for wire, cable, fiber optic, protection instrument signal line and instrument wire. The following is a brief introduction to the lesser-known industrial use of Stainless Metal Tube.

1. Power engineering also has applications. Gas turbines, superheaters, etc. on power generation equipment, which require high temperature and corrosion resistance, also have the participation of stainless steel bellows.

2. Marine vessels also have applications. Stainless steel bellows are widely used in marine platforms, ships, submarines and other fields that require seawater corrosion resistance.

3. Used in the aerospace field. Stainless steel hoses are mainly used in some parts of aircraft turbine engines that require high temperature and high strength, such as combustion chambers, turbine blades, main shafts, exhaust systems, etc.

4. Application in chemical equipment. Stainless steel bellows are mainly used for parts that work in highly corrosive media, such as containers, pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

5, Stainless metal tube is mainly used in the exhaust of car engines, such as exhaust valves, spark plugs, pipes, exhaust gas purifiers.

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