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How To Measure The Length Of Metal Hose?

May. 17, 2019

The low price of metal hoses has attracted a lot of attention from consumers. This product has many other properties. It is because of this that many people have seen its value. When using this product, The first thing we need to do is to measure the length. So what is the specific measurement method? Do we also need to follow certain principles and requirements when measuring? As an Amored Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturer, we have summarized some methods.

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit

First of all, we must understand three basic concepts, one of which is its compression length, which mainly refers to the length of the product when it is compressed to the maximum extent, such measurement results can show the compression capacity of the product, in general The higher the compression capacity, the more secure the quality is. There is also a concept that is the length, which is the length of the middle position of the maximum displacement. In addition, we are talking about the stretch length of the metal hose, that is, the product. Stretched to the maximum length.

When making measurements, we often use a relatively common measurement method, which is to directly fix the ruler on the Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit. After the measurement is finished, the excess part of the ruler is directly cut off, although it causes a certain waste. But it can accurately show its length, so this is actually a more common way.