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How to Choose the Right Conduit?

Nov. 18, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Braiding Supplier, share it with you.

We will display our full range of metal and non-metal flexible conduits, as well as the latest 18th edition products that we provide to meet fire protection standards to ensure that you comply with the latest IET wiring regulations.

Do your research

Conduit is a durable tube used for protection and wiring. It is usually used in an environment where the wiring is easily damaged, and ensure that bare or outdoor wires and cables are covered and protected from the environment.

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit

There are many different types of catheters to choose from-rigid or flexible, metallic or non-metallic, split or solid. Taking the time to research will enable you to make wise choices, find the right work channels, and maximize the value of money.

Looking for reputable suppliers

To obtain high-quality flexible catheters, you will need top suppliers, and few will provide more expertise than our Flex-It team.

We focus on flexible cable management and support the wholesale and industrial markets, providing conduits for machinery, production, construction and infrastructure. We have the skills and expertise to help you choose the right conduit for your application to provide the required protection for your cable.

Choose between metal conduit and non-metal conduit

Flexible metal conduits are stronger than non-metallic conduits and provide better compression resistance. They can prevent accidents or cuts and stabs caused by animals chewing through the cable. It is easy to install and can be easily twisted and turned without using elbow joints, although for narrow field applications, we provide threaded elbow adapters.

On the other hand, non-metallic flexible pipe systems are very suitable for indoor and outdoor residential applications.

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