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How to choose PVC Jacket Flexible Metal Conduit?

Nov. 30, 2019

Industrial hoses are mainly used for the software connection between equipment. Compared with civilian hoses, they have many excellent properties. For example, they have a more complex construction environment and have excellent bending performance. According to the different working conditions, it can be generally divided into air, ventilation, suction conveying, vacuuming, antistatic extraction and so on. And it has a wide range of applications, not only in industry but also in agriculture, and the fields covered also include oil, steam, fire protection and other aspects. The following editor introduces one of the most commonly used hoses in industrial hoses-PVC Jacket Flexible Metal Conduit.

PVC Jacket Flexible Metal Conduit

PVC Jacket Flexible Metal Conduit

PVC jacket flexible metal conduit is a kind of industrial hose. It uses PVC as the main material, and then adds certain auxiliary materials to form a certain formula. The so-called PVC material is actually a general-purpose synthetic resin with a chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride and can be seen everywhere in our daily life. For example, it is widely used in electronics, and after baking PVC hoses, it can The package acts as an insulator on the wire, and everyone is no stranger.

How do you choose a PVC jacket flexible metal conduit? The following is a summary of Lex hose.

First, the barrier properties of the material. If the packaged product is a highly volatile content such as essential oil, we must choose a five-layer co-extruded tube with an oxygen transmission rate of 0.2 to 1.2 units. Because this kind of hose is better than ordinary barrier properties.

Second, the stiffness of the material. Generally speaking, the stiffness requirements of PVC jacket flexible metal conduit materials for different enterprise packaging products will vary. Generally, high density is better than low density polyethylene, and the required stiffness can be achieved as soon as possible by adjusting the ratio.

Third, the choice of pipes. First of all, the materials must meet the requirements of relevant national health standards, and some harmful substances such as heavy metals must be controlled within a reasonable range in accordance with regulations.

Fourth, the chemical resistance and weather resistance of the material. Similar to stiffness, high density is a little better than low density. Weather resistance is controlled by the choice of varnish type and color masterbatch type.

As a PVC Jacket Flexible Metal Conduit Wholesale, tell you about the silicone jacketed tube.

Silicone Jacketed Tube is designed to have maximum bending when used for liquid transfer, filling and steam and air transfer in pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing processes; it is resistant to tearing without decomposing any odor and taste; non-sticky water makes it used in medical , Semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industries are ideal. The storage silicone hose is a platinum vulcanized silicone hose without any additives; it inhibits particle agglomeration and crusting, and is resistant to tearing; it is ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industries.