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What Are The Functions Of Stainless Steel Metal Hoses?

May. 10, 2019

As an Amored Optical Fiber Patchcord Manufacturer, we believe that the role of stainless steel metal hoses can be divided into the following three points:

1. Reduce internal stress

The internal stress is simply that in the working environment, for a variety of reasons, the pipeline can not be installed properly, then the additional force in the axial or angular direction will be generated, or elongated or shortened, which is hard for ordinary steel pipes. Too big, can not be installed, the rubber tube is not durable, so the best way is to use stainless steel metal hose, its internal stress is small under its bending radius, that is, safe and convenient to install, so kill two birds with one stone.

Flexible Metal Conduit

2. Pipe displacement

In many cases, stainless steel metal hoses are installed in places where there is often partial displacement or frequent movement. For example, in liquefied gas injection tanks and hydraulic mechanical installations, there will be corresponding vibrations along with the mechanical operation. These places are not only resistant to corrosion. It is also resistant to pressure and therefore is suitable for metal hoses.

3. Shock absorption

Generally, the hose has the function of damping. The Flexible Metal Conduit is no exception. It can not only improve the fatigue and damage of the system, but also reduce the noise, especially in the coal mine and chemical industry. Therefore, the use of metal hose is very suitable.