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Are Flexible Metal Pipes and Metal Soft Joints the Same?

Jun. 18, 2021

The choice of joints is very flexible. Can you just buy metal soft joints and hose joints when purchasing, and then match them according to the actual length on site? As a Flexible Metal Conduit Exporter, share with you.

Many of them are of fixed length, which is not very convenient for construction. Yes, it hasn't been made on site. The soft metal joints purchased are all equipped with connectors on both sides, and the length must be specified when purchasing.

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible Metal Conduits

If you can purchase hoses and joints separately, and reprocess them on site, it can be very convenient for construction. In many projects, the hose is directly wrapped around without the head.

At the time of purchase, it is recommended that the landlord provide the supplier with the diameter, pressure level, length, connection type and conveyed materials of the metal soft joint; for the convenience of installation or the space location is restricted, the hose and the hose can be added live connection or quick connector connection, or add an elbow at one end when designing a soft metal connector (see the location of the site to determine whether to use the angle); or contact the supplier to send someone to survey and map on site, if you have any questions, please Follow up in time and help you solve it!

1. You can buy metal soft joints and pipe joints and install them separately, so that on-site construction is convenient and unrestricted. The winding pipes are all standard lengths. If the special length involves non-standard products for manufacturers, the entire cost will rise. , The price is more expensive,

2. The pipe joints are made of (nickel-plated brass, zinc alloy).

3. But yes, but the cost will be higher. Compared with the price of the joint, the price of the pipe, the price you make by yourself, the cost is definitely higher than the cost of direct purchase.

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