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What is the Difference Between Flexible Metal Conduits and PPR Plastic Water Pipes?

Feb. 07, 2021

The currently decorated water pipes are mainly divided into: PEX pipes, galvanized pipes, UPVC pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, PPR pipes, copper pipes and flexible metal pipes. The flexible metal pipes can be bent at will, and they appear in life. especially important. As a Flexible Metal Conduit Exporter, share it with you.

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible Metal Conduits

The selection and installation of water pipes has become an issue that cannot be ignored in decoration. At the same time, in order to make the room beautiful, people generally adopt buried wall construction when decorating. However, once the water pipe leaks and bursts, it will bring irreparable consequences.

The reasons for this may come from the following aspects: First, the plastic pipe used is not a qualified product. There are some inferior products with poor quality and cutting corners on the market. For example, the compression resistance, cold and thermal expansion coefficients are not up to the requirements, and the construction is not standardized, there must be problems in the project. Second, the physical and chemical characteristics of the plastic pipe itself are determined. Because the plastic pipe uses metal connections at the corners, the plastic pipe and the metal are not welded or screwed together, but rely on special glue.

Decoration water pipe selection

The water supply pipe is mostly hidden in the wall. If the pipe breaks or leaks, the wall must be opened during the maintenance, and the main method is to start with the selection of pipe materials to prevent the leakage of the pipe.

1. Copper pipe

Copper water pipes have been widely used in developed areas. Europe and the United States have used them for more than 100 years, and they still dominate the water supply system. Copper water pipes are considered to be a "red metal with a green face", it has neither metal The material is easy to rust, and there is no easy pollution element of non-metallic materials, and its welding process is safe, reliable and non-toxic. Using copper as a water supply material can be called a green and environmentally friendly material.

2. Flexible metal pipe

The flexible metal pipe is also a kind of water supply pipe that is widely used in developed areas in the West. The flexible metal pipe has stable performance, does not rust, does not produce secondary pollution, and ensures the sanitation of water. However, due to the tough texture of the stainless pipe material, According to the traditional technology, tapping and threading are very difficult in construction, which adds more trouble to the installation and construction, and the price is relatively expensive. At present, there is a stainless steel flexible hose on the market, which can better solve the flexible metal The problem of difficult installation.

After special heat treatment, these products can be bent at any angle according to the needs of the construction environment, with strong flexibility and quick and convenient installation.

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