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What is the Importance of Flexible Metal Conduit in Urbanization?

Feb. 22, 2020

Flexible Metal Conduit, as a compensation element with good compensation performance and easy maintenance, has been used more and more widely in domestic and foreign heating pipe networks. After decades of mature use, in the current urban construction, metal hoses are mainly used for heating pipes of heating network projects, occupying a decisive position in urban heating pipes.

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Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof

The reason why metal hoses can be widely used in many industries, in addition to having good compensation ability, high reliability is the main reason that makes metal hoses stand out.

Utilize the effective expansion and contraction of its working body metal hose to absorb the dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines, pipes, containers, etc., or to compensate the axial, lateral and angular displacement of pipelines, pipes, containers, etc. . Metal hoses do not have the problem that the sealing performance decreases with displacement cycles.

It can be seen that metal hoses occupy a decisive position in urban modernization, mainly due to the reliability of metal hoses, which are guaranteed through design, manufacturing, installation, operation management and other links. As a result, the life of metal hoses is reduced or even invalid. Even so, from the perspective of the application practice of metal hoses in heating projects in recent decades, its reliability is still very high, and it has been accepted and valued by many industries.

With the popularization and application of bellows in China's major fields, the market demand for high-end, precise, bellows products with special properties is rising. As far as the status quo of China's bellows industry is concerned, the types of high-end bellows are insufficient, and there is a large gap in the high-end market.

The future development direction of the metal hose industry should be refined

Analyzing the current development status of China's metal hose industry, it can be clearly found that there is still a large gap between the level of China's metal hose industry and the world's advanced level. There are still many problems in its development: low level of technology, Lack of high-precision bellows production technology, core technology and high-quality products still rely on imports; large processing margins, severe energy consumption and raw material consumption in the production of metal hoses, long processing cycles, low production efficiency, which seriously hinders China's corrugation The further development of the pipe industry. In addition, there are fewer companies with research and development capabilities in the entire industrial chain. Most Flexible Metal Conduit Factory have insufficient research and development capabilities, and the manufacture of metal hoses requires mass production technology and production process accumulation. The quality and manufacturing level will always be stuck at the low-end level, and will eventually be phased out in the market.

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