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What are the advantages of Flexible Metal Conduit connectors?

Jan. 18, 2020

Before the Flexible Metal Conduit connector appeared, we usually use those rubber material hose connectors in our daily life.

The emergence of metal hose joints has brought a lot of convenience to our lives and work, so it quickly spread to the daily life of every ordinary citizen in a short time. In response to such a trend, it is not surprising that relevant professionals said that this new type of metal hose connector is a high-quality product with many advantages. Let's take a look.

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

On the one hand, it is a very important issue-security. Because rubber-made pipes are easy to react with some gases in the gas during the process of transporting gas. If a product such as a metal hose connector is used, such a safety hazard will not be generated at all.

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard Exporter, share with you the main differences between metal hoses and metal mesh pipes.

In the field of pipe fittings, metal mesh pipes and metal hoses are easy to obscure the concept, especially when laymen choose these products, it is easy to confuse the two products. What is the difference between them before?

Metal hoses include threaded metal hoses and corrugated metal hoses, which are mainly used to protect transmission signal lines, wires and cables, and fiber optic cables. In civilian use, it is mainly used for bathing hoses, kitchen sink hoses, and industrially used in factory workshops to protect cables and wires from external damage. Metal hose generally has the characteristics of waterproof, insulation, fire resistance, tensile resistance, etc., and has good bending stretch.

Metal mesh pipe generally refers to metal braided pipe. It is composed of multiple layers of inner pipes. Each layer has a different structure. Generally, the inner layer is a rubber tube with an insulating layer in the middle. The appearance is a stainless steel wire braided network pipe for faucets, toilet water pipes, flowers. Sprinkling pipe fittings.

Compared with metal hoses, metal mesh pipes have better toughness, strength, and tensile resistance, and they are used in more households. Metal hoses are used as infrastructure laying projects by enterprises. They have better sealing properties but are easy to break. , The tightness of the metal mesh tube is low and it is easy to leak.

Therefore, according to the actual situation, you can choose a metal hose with better tightness or a metal mesh with better toughness.

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