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How do Flexible Metal Conduit Address Imbalances?

Mar. 20, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit EMI Proof Factory, share with you. Metal hoses are a key component of contemporary mechanical equipment connection pipes. Flexible metal conduits also have problems in their application. Let me talk about solutions to the imbalance of flexible metal conduits.

Flexible Metal Conduit will suddenly bend and miss the credibility of the linear system when it is subjected to the work pressure that it can be fulcrumed. If the pressure on the side of the vapor that the craftwork bears is too great, it can be used as a fulcrum to work on the pressure value, which will also cause imbalance. Most of the damage to Flexible metal conduit was caused by this cause and effect.

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

Flexible Metal Conduit Low Fire Hazard EU

Regardless of the flexible metal conduit's plastic pneumatic pressure hydraulic seals, the compensator facing the expansion joint, and the flexible metal conduit, there are difficulties. However, the same result is due to the following two reasons.

1. Due to the number of wavy patterns and the production and processing of flexible metal conduits such as the thickness of the aggregate, the centerline of the flexible metal conduits usually follows the axis of symmetry. In other words, the heart of the commodity essentially has a small half-end arc. For the flexible metal conduit, the unevenness of hand-woven plastic mesh bags and the inconsistency of each compressive strength also cover the carrying capacity of the flexible metal conduit.

2. As the bending stiffness value in the calculation of the flexible metal conduit pressure load formula is clearly concerned about the water ripple (valley) semi-semicircle of the commodity as the pulsation damper stiffness connection point, the flexible metal conduit itself is higher than There is no bending stiffness value.

Causes of metal hose rupture during normal use

Flexible metal conduits often rupture in normal applications, and the key reasons for people are the following four aspects:

1. The quality of Flexible metal conduit products

When some people choose flexible metal conduit, there will be product quality problems at the beginning, so they should be optimistic before buying.

2. There is displacement vibration between the flexible metal conduit and the cylinder head, and the mechanical equipment is exhausted.

In normal applications, there will be a problem of displacement vibration between the metal hose and the head.

3. The working pressure of the flexible metal conduit oil pump is incorrect

4. The oil in the Flexible metal conduit is blocked

In the usual application of flexible metal conduit, if the application time is long, the problem of pump blocking will occur!

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