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Features Of Armored Patchcord

Apr. 23, 2018

Tests have shown that the side-pressure resistance of Flexible Metal Armored Optical itself increases with the decrease of the outer diameter of the fistula, and the maximum value has reached the extreme value of current conventional fiber optic test equipment (8000N/10CM). The various types of indoor and outdoor optical cables processed by this special optical fiber line can easily achieve the characteristics of small size, light weight, and superior environmental characteristics. It is the preferred product of optical transmission used in the complex environment conditions such as building wiring, optical connection of key equipment room, field work, sensor detection, fiber optic entrance, and fiber to the desktop.

1.Solved the side-pressure resistance, impact resistance, and rodent bite protection of bare fiber.

2. Make the structure of optical fiber cable more reasonable, simpler and better performance.

3. Reduce the cost of fiber optic cables and reduce waste of resources.

4. The current performance of the product can be changed according to customer requirements.

Armored Optical Fiber Pigtail/Patchcord