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Do You Know the Advantages of Flexible Metal Conduits

Jul. 03, 2018

Advantages Of Flexible Metal Conduits

1. The pipe is light in weight and is only one-fourth of the weight of the steel pipe. Therefore, it is listed as an energy-saving material project by the Ministry of Energy of the State Planning Commission.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance, due to the use of stainless steel strip or special galvanizing process, its corrosion resistant steel pipe and metal hose can not match.

3. The shielding performance is good, and the inspection results show the same as the steel pipe.

4. Unlimited length, arbitrarily cut according to engineering needs, which reduces the consumption of the fraction.

5. The outer surface of the pipe is threaded, and there are various accessories. The bending does not require machinery. The cutting is very convenient as long as the special cutter is applied on site. It can save 40%-90% of the time in construction and decoration. In the shipbuilding industry, the efficiency can be improved six times.

6. The pipe has good strength, good insulation and can be embedded in the reinforced concrete net: it can be used to make up the steel pipe according to the needs.

7. Weaknesses in the construction of metal hoses and PVC pipes on certain occasions.

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