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Development of Fiber Optic Cables in China

Jul. 12, 2018

Fiber optic cables are communication cables consisting of two or more glass or plastic fiber cores that are placed in a protective coating and covered by a plastic PVC outer casing. Signal transmission along the internal fiber typically uses infrared.

China began research on fiber optic cables from the mid-1970s, and started almost simultaneously with foreign countries. In early 1977, the first quartz fiber was developed. Driven by the demand for large-scale communication construction in China, China's fiber optic cable industry has developed rapidly, and has formed a complete industrial chain from optical fiber preforms to optical cable products. The production and technical strength of China's fiber optic cable companies have also grown rapidly, and product development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities have been further enhanced. China has become the world's second largest fiber optic cable country, reaching all the world's advanced levels in all aspects.

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