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How to Deal With an Electrical Ground Cable?

Apr. 11, 2020

As an Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit Supplier, share with you. An electrical ground wire could be the most crucial aspect of your home electrical wiring. If the electrical ground wire is torn from its link or rusted past its use you could be in trouble. It may only refer time before a short circuit causes an electric fire that might have been stayed clear of with an electrical ground cable. Besides the defense of your residence, there is additionally the safety and security of your own to consider. With an electrical ground wire that is not properly linked, you can run the risk of obtaining electrocuted when working with something as simple as a power outlet.

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit

Step 1 - Security First

Prior to you start dealing with any type of electric outlet or switch you need to see to it that the power is entirely off. Go to the primary electric junction box and shut off the correct switch to the location you will certainly be inspecting. If the junction box is not correctly classified you are far better to side with safety and security first and turn the electrical off in the entire home. Before starting to work on the wires make certain that you have the grounding wrist band fastened to your wrist with the alligator clamp attached to something steel. It's also recommended to test each outlet as you work to see to it is not obtaining power.

Step 2 - Open the Electrical Outlets as well as Switches

Removing an electrical outlet cover with a screwdriver

Use your screwdriver and also remove the screws that are holding the plates in position for your outlets or switches. Carefully remove them without separating any of the wires inside the wall surface. Use the voltage meter and the connection meter. Touch each of the cords and the spaces in between with the voltage meter to look for present. Utilize the continuity meter to check for connection from the lines. If there is no connection from the electric ground cord, it is worn away or removed then you will need to change it.

Step 3 - Repair the Electric Ground Wire

three cables surrounded in channel

Use the cord cutter as well as reduced the wire near where it originates from the wall. Make use of the cord stripper to remove the insulation (if existing). Twist completion of the wire so that it is tightly wound. Remove the snipped cord from the button or the outlet cover. Cut an item of cord from the spool of copper cord. Eliminate insulation from each end (or the entire cable if insulation was absent) and also turn the cables to make sure that they are limited. Spin one end of the copper cord you reduced to the electric ground cable in the wall and also use a wire cap to keep it cool and with each other.Our company also has Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit for sale, welcome to consult.