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What Causes Damage to Flexible Metal Conduit?

Mar. 02, 2020

As a Flexible Metal Conduit Wholesaler, share with you.

The metal sleeve of the Flexible Metal Conduit is an important aspect of the hose, which can effectively protect the metal hose and extend its service life. Once the mesh sleeve of the metal hose is damaged, it will directly affect the hose for a long time. How to survive the destruction of the metal hose?

Flexible Metal Conduit EMI Proof-EU

Flexible Metal Conduit EMI Proof-EU

1, Overload causes the net sleeve to break

Overload causes the mesh sleeve to break. When the side pressure of the medium in the metal hose rises, the stress on the steel mesh sleeve that is intended to bear pressure will increase greatly. Brokenness will occur.

2. Improper installation causes the net sleeve to break

The setting is not in the industry, and additional stress is applied to the metal hose, such as rough stretching, light installation, bending, pulling back, blowing, and rushing will all increase the stress on the metal hose. When the superimposed stress is excessive on the metal hose When the pole strength of the steel wire mesh sleeve is broken, the mesh sleeve of the trinity welding part of the hose or the mesh sleeve of the other parts will be broken.

3. The false welding promotes the pull-out of the mesh sleeve

In view of the cause of the welding quality, the metal hose is transformed into a heat-melted submerged zone of the mesh sleeve and the flange welding in the welding long river, so that the bellows, the ring and the steel mesh sleeve cause part of the steel wire to be damaged during the welding process Soldering, overheating or not soldering. After the hose is installed on the altar pipe, in view of the uneven force of the steel wire, under the intention of the medium down pressure, the steel wire at the virtual welding place is pulled off first, and then the complete steel wire mesh sleeve is pulled off, which is dangerous.

4. Etching induces cracking of mesh sleeve

When the corrosive medium is left in the environment, the metal hose mesh oil will rust, but with the corrosion intensified, most of the outer diameter of the steel wire will be severely corroded. When the upper pressure of the wire mesh is increased, the wire mesh sleeve will burst suddenly and violently.

In our real life, we often watch colorful metal hoses. People who do not understand the industrial production are actually wrong about such and such products. So what generality does the metal hose have?

First of all, metal hoses are very resistant to corrosion. In addition, the metal hose also has a very strong security force. For the cable, even if a very strong current passes through it, it will not be burnt. After it is covered with a layer of insulator, the safety is relatively high. Because the metal hose itself has many different properties, it is also widely used.

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