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Do you know a Comprehensive Introduction to Flexible Metal Pipes?

Mar. 24, 2021

As a Flexible Conduit Factory, share with you.

The flexible and flexible metal pipe has good comprehensive performance, which makes it widely used in many engineering fields. Pingcheng compensator is usually used for ventilation, dust removal and smoke exhaust and air-conditioning insulation pipes and equipment with low working pressure.

Flexible Metal Conduits

Flexible Metal Conduits

In the piping system, if there are thermal stresses caused by temperature changes, equipment vibrations and local stresses caused by fixed supports, and stresses caused by system installation deviations, the use of rigid connections will inevitably lead to the weakest point of the piping system. Deformation or damage. If a flexible flexible metal tube can be used, this damage can be avoided. This is related to the unique motion form of the flexible metal tube. These motion forms determine the multi-dimensional displacement of the flexible metal tube performance.

The pressure-bearing single-wave body, multi-flexible metal pipe can be irreplaceable under certain special working conditions. An electronic metering scale used in the desulfurization powder injection system of a steel plant originally used a metal compensator to compensate the equipment and pipelines. Due to the large reverse thrust, the electronic scale was inaccurately debugged and could not be returned to zero and weighed correctly. Changing this kind of rectangular caliber, large displacement compensator can only use non-metallic materials to meet the requirements of use. After special structural design and material design, it meets the requirements of working conditions.

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