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What are the classifications and characteristics of Flexible Metal Conduit?

Nov. 15, 2019

Flexible Metal Conduit is widely used in modern industry and is an important part of modern industry. Flexible metal conduit is one of the most common types of hoses, mainly used as communication wire and cable protection tubes and civil shower hoses. What is the classification of flexible metal conduit? Let's take a look at the Flexible Metal Conduit Braiding Supplier and let us know what the classification of the flexible metal conduit is and what the characteristics of the flexible metal conduit are.

First, what are the classification of Flexible metal conduit?

1. Flexible metal conduit: The flexible metal conduit is mainly made of stainless steel. It has good softness, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. It has high temperature resistance and wear resistance. It is mainly used as a protective tube for wire and cable.

2. Corrugated flexible metal conduit: The corrugated flexible metal conduit is mainly composed of a bellows, a mesh sleeve and a joint. The bellows acts as a flexible member in a corrugated flexible metal conduit and is made of thin-walled stainless steel having a spiral or toroidal shape. The net sleeve is made of a wire or a metal strip which is crossed with each other in a certain order, and is mounted on the outer surface of the metal bellows to enhance and shield. The structural form of the joint is roughly divided into three categories: spiral type, flange type and quick type. For different usage requirements, the connection between the bellows, the net sleeve and the joint includes welding, mechanical clamping and hybrid.

3. Flexible metal conduit: flexible metal conduit is a new type of hose. The inner layer is specially treated with stainless steel hose or galvanized hose. The outer layer is made of PVC material. It has anti-UV and anti-aging characteristics.

Second, what is the characteristic of Flexible metal conduit?

1. Flexible metal conduit is mainly made of stainless steel and has high corrosion resistance.

2. Flexible metal conduit has a wide operating temperature range from -196 to 600 °C, and its high temperature resistance is good.

3. Flexible metal conduit is hydraulically formed, has good flexibility, good flexibility, strong bending and shock resistance, as well as resistance to bending, tensile and lateral pressure.

4. Flexible metal conduit has good abrasion resistance, can prevent rat bites, and can protect internal wires from damage.

5. Flexible metal conduit has many joints, which are easy to connect with other equipment. The two ends of the hose can be made other than thread and flange to facilitate connection and use with other equipment.

6. Flexible metal conduit is easy to thread and install. It is not only suitable for matching with rotary joints, but also widely used for flexible connection of various fluid media.

Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof

Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof 

Flexible metal conduit installation precautions: The flexible metal conduit should be placed at the front of the tank and the pipeline connection to form a soft connection between the tank and the pipeline. When the tank front pipeline process is under pressure, a control valve should be provided when installing the flexible metal conduit. Prevent the welding slag from splashing onto the hose when installing the flexible metal conduit. The method of tightening flanges and bolts should not be used to eliminate installation deviation. The height of the flexible metal conduit after installation should be greater than the lateral displacement compensation. No brackets or supports should be placed on the flexible metal conduit. Our company also has Flexible Metal Conduit Water Proof on sale, welcome to come to consult.