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How To Choose Available Flexible Conduits At Home Decoration?

Jan. 17, 2019

Flexible Conduit is widely used in the family electrical installation. As we know, there are two types of flexible conduit, plastic and metallic. they are used in the different places with different situation. Here are some choosing tips before the applying of them.

Plastic flexible conduit

PVC flexible conduit is the competitive one, because of it’s cost and fire-proof properties. It is very common in the building electrical installation. We should confirm the conduit quality before using them.

1. Check Appearance

Please confirm factory and fire-proof labels out of the conduit.

2. Fire-proof Test

Light the conduit, and remove it. Make sure it could put out by itself within 30 second.

1. Bending Test

Try to bend the conduit 90 degree, and see whether the surface is smooth after bending.

2. Strength Test

Hit conduit with hammer, and see whether there is crack or not.

Metallic Flexible Conduit

We can also use the Flexible Metal Conduit protect wire and cables, and they are more durable than plastic flexible conduit. We’d better choose the smooth one with on cracks in the surface.

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