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Can Flexible Metal Conduit Deliver Gas?

May. 31, 2019

In Flexible Metal Conduit, there is a stainless steel bellows that can replace rubber hoses to deliver gas to our homes. It has now been gradually applied to people's lives. So what is its use and benefits? Let's take a look at our stainless steel bellows with our Conduit Fittings Manufacturers.

First of all, unlike stainless steel hoses, stainless steel bellows can replace ordinary rubber hoses to deliver gas to our homes. Its benefits are strong corrosion resistance, effectively avoiding aging, falling off, etc., thus avoiding Some gas accidents have helped our family. But the most important reason why stainless steel hoses are not accepted by people at present is his price, which is higher than the price of ordinary rubber hoses, but his service life is five times that of ordinary hoses, so it is also solved for us. Problems that need to be replaced frequently. This also saves money.

Flexible Metal Conduit

In addition, the installation of stainless steel bellows is particularly convenient, and the interface is not easy to disconnect, but because the price of stainless steel hose is higher than that of ordinary hose, sometimes it can't be accepted by people, but if you consider it comprehensively, then Compared with stainless steel bellows and traditional rubber hoses, the advantages of stainless steel bellows are still relatively high, and it is believed that they will be used quickly.

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