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How to buy a good Liquid Tight Conduit?

Dec. 14, 2019

We know that Liquid Tight Conduit has gradually entered our lives, and it will be used on many machines, and it has many benefits. However, if we fail to buy a qualified liquid tight conduit, it will bring trouble to our lives, or affect construction, delay time, and waste energy. It is not only the industry of plastic coated metal hoses, but no matter what kind of industry, only continuous development can gain a foothold in the society, otherwise it will only face the fate of being eliminated. Therefore, in the future, if you want to have your own place in this constantly developing society, continuous development and innovation is a necessary path. As for the hose, this road is the same, and it is not easy to walk. So what issues should we pay attention to when buying?

Liquid Tight Conduit

Liquid Tight Conduit

Also, when buying, you must know what type of liquid tight conduit you need, or what it is used for, and then you tell the seller that you will not buy the wrong one. Or find someone who knows this to buy it with you, so you can see its quality and make you buy more suitable.

First of all, you must have a general understanding of the liquid tight conduit you want to buy, including his model and specifications, so that you will not buy the wrong one. It also depends on the manufacturer. In this way, the stainless steel hose you buy will be guaranteed.

Before you buy, you can check the price of liquid tight conduit or its functions and materials, and have a general understanding so that you will not be blind when buying. You can't just be cheap, if you buy substandard products, you will lose more than you pay. So it ’s best to know before you buy.

As a Liquid Tight Conduit Manufacturer, let me share the installation precautions

(1) The metal hose must be inspected before installation, and the problem is eliminated in time;

(2) During the lifting process, measures must be taken to prevent damage to the metal hose;

(3) A short tube should be installed behind the metal hose to compensate for the deviation of the neutral size of the hose;

(4) As far as possible, metal hoses made of steel belt mesh sleeves should be selected. Because of its high natural frequency, it is generally 20 ~ 30 Hz, much larger than 7Hz. The possibility of resonance between the hose and the tank is extremely small;

(5) During installation, do not forcibly pull and twist, do not knock on metal hoses, and do not use strong flange bolts to eliminate installation deviations;

(6) No bracket or support shall be provided on the metal hose;

(7) The height of the metal hose from the ground or platform should be greater than its lateral displacement compensation amount;

(8) For pipelines that require insulation and cooling, the normal work of metal hoses must not be affected.

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