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What Is The Difference Between Cables, Optical Cables And Optical Fiber Cable?

Jul. 24, 2018

Cables, optical cables and Fiber Optic Cable are three different materials. What is the difference between the three materials?

1, the material is different. The cable is made of a metal material; the fiber optic cable is made of glass fiber.

2. There is a difference in the transmission signal. The cable transmits electrical signals. The cable does not transmit electrical signals.

3. There are differences in the scope of application. Cables are now used for energy transmission and low-end data transmission. Optical cables are mostly used for data transmission.

4, the cable is used to transmit electricity, information about these things. The fiber is the fiberglass inside the cable, just like the copper inside the cable. The fiber optic cable is such that it protects the fiber. The role of the cable is to protect the fiber inside. Because the fiber is very fragile. However, the transmission effect is better than the cable, and the cable is good in both quality and speed.

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