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How To Improve The Appearance Of Flexible Metal Conduit?

Jul. 17, 2018

In actual production, we often encounter many problems. For example, the Flexible Metal Conduit's thread is too compact and the flexibility is poor, and the appearance is not bright. Compared with the flexible metal wire protection sleeve (flexible electrical conduit) JG/T3053-1998 standard There is no such requirement, but in the actual sales process, customers often mention that the pipe is not bright, the appearance is ugly, the sales will encounter bottlenecks, and the promotion of the product is hindered. So how do you improve the bright performance of the product?

Our program has the following specifics:

1. Solve the problem of the raw materials of flexible electrical pipe products. The steel strips we purchase are all produced by the big manufacturers at a price higher than 30% of the market price.

2. Solve the problem of cooling water, we use high-quality grease to form a light protective film on the surface of the flexible electric tube, which solves the problem of long time color change.

3. The oven process is used to increase the cost, but the product performance is greatly improved.

We can also supply Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit, welcome to contact us.

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