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Advantages of Flexible Metal Protection Sleeve

Jun. 26, 2018

1. Self-threaded, easy to connect: The sleeves are threaded and do not require thread pick-ups. The connectors can be reliably connected to conduit equipment, motors, etc., wherever they are cut. Even if the complex structure is built on the inside, there is a quick and easy piping system.

2. Resistant to shock and water, with good strength: Due to the material and structural features, this pipe belongs to the flexible pipe series, so it is excellent in shock resistance and vibration resistance. The hydraulic insulation paper with pure wood pulp is the inner layer of the casing. The material, which is water resistant, can be pre-buried in the concrete structure to protect the wires and cables from damage.

3. Cutting is simple and easy to process: using a special casing cutter, simply cut, the cross section is very clean and tidy, no need to use saws, vices and other tools. It is also not necessary to process the incision, and it is not necessary to carry a thread picking tool, a bending machine, etc., and it is convenient to use a caliper and a knife only at the site.

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