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The Advantages Of Flexible Metal Conduit Over Other Hoses

Apr. 16, 2018

The experimental data provided by the SGS department indicates that the Flexible Metal Conduit can prevent the damage to the surface of the electric wires from being effectively damaged when the house is damaged destructively. Especially in the case of kvz flexible electrical conduits, it is particularly evident that it protects the wires. Therefore, the use of Flexible Metal Conduit is mainly based on national key projects, as well as mall-style houses compared to the flow of people. 

We are a professional supplier of Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit and Metallic Fittings. Our company has also placed a strong significance to the introduction and application of world class technology and production equipment, as well as the reinforcement of the production process control, in order to provide high quality conduits, conduit fittings and armored fiber optic cables to meet a demanding market.

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