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Flexible Metal Conduit’s Advantages in Metal Wire Protection

May. 17, 2018

Flexible Metal Conduit can be bent freely, and the shape is also very beautiful. The curved part can be maintained as it is, or it can be manually adjusted without the need of a bending machine or other complicated means. The flexible pipe has its own thread and it is very convenient to connect. The casing is made of threads and does not need to be threaded. It can be cut anywhere, and it can be quickly built even if it is built in a complicated place. It's easy to cut off.

The flexible tube is shock-resistant, water-resistant, and very strong. The tube belongs to the flexible tube series, so it is very shock-resistant and shock-resistant. The material of the sleeve is the waterproof insulation paper made of pure wood pulp. Material, so it has the characteristics of water resistance. We also supply Amored Optical Fiber Cable, welcome to contact us.

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