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Why Choose Fiber Optic Cables Instead of Copper?

Dec. 03, 2018

When assessing which type of system cable that you would like to put in, which type should you go with?

Copper has a few benefits, including the fact that it currently exists in many areas and is significantly less costly to connect network devices. While Fiber Optic Cables are more expensive, there are many benefits which make it a more attractive cable infrastructure alternative compared to its aluminum counterpart.

Then , the professional Fiber Optic Cables Suppliers tell you 5 reasons IT Pros Choose Fiber Optic Cables.

Fiber optic transmission is faster.

Fiber optic transmission results in less attenuation.

Fiber optic cables are impervious to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Light cannot catch on fire.

Fiber optic cables do not break as easily.

So, there you have it five great reasons why select fiber cables over Copper Braid Armored Optical Fiber Cable. An individual could argue that a lot of the benefits of using fiber wires may cause a larger ROI. Bear this in mind when determining whether to select aluminum or fiber cabling.

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